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Words of Hope

Because of Us (Jamal Yearwood)

The cross was estimated to be three hundred pounds, maybe more, of pure wood. Yet, it had no eternal value until Jesus, touched it. The weight of our sins led to death. 
We say we aren't saved by the cross, but rather saved by the one who not only carried, but also died on it. The cross was dead from the time the tree it came from had been cut. Don't be distracted by the instrument used that caused the death of The Lamb. Focus on the bloodshed of The Lamb, that was for our sake. 
The Lamb, Christ Jesus; let Him be our focus. He loved us and held unto us despite our sinful nature - the cross  held Him not because of the nails but in reality only because He chose to stay - He stayed that we might be saved.  Let not the sacrifice of God in the flesh be in vain, Give your life - all that you are and all you are not - to Him. Let Him be all He needs to be and do all He needs to do in your life. He died for you, spent some time in the grave and then rose from death.
Just like the cross, our lives too can have purpose and value if God uses us. Give God your life, let Him be praised.

The Struggle is Real (Meladee and Team)

Elder George White, First Elder at Four Ways Seventh-day Adventist Church, Barbados, is alone.

Faithfulness to God (Akiva and Team)

Andy was an aspiring teller who loved his job.

Psalm 136 (KCR Version) (Katie C. Riley)

1.    O give thanks unto the Lord for the blessings of life for His mercy endures forever.

Are You Eating the Best Food? (Kelly Henry)

We all know that we have to eat to live.

Pursuit of Happiness (Jamal Yearwood)

When did I... Where did I... Why did I take my hand from Yours, oh Lord?

A Psalm of Lee Ann (Lee Ann Brancker)

You, my Father gave me life that blessed day

From Slavery to Service (Jamal Yearwood)

From slavery to service; from Saul to Paul.

A Psalm of Heather (Ann Agard)

He is my Shepherd and shield

A Psalm of Donna (Donna Young)

Father God, You've kept me throughout this pandemic; Your love endures forever.