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Words of Hope

The Power of a Name (by Kelly Henry)

What is your name? What does it mean? Do you live up to the dictates of your name?  Do you know there is power in a name?

Our forefathers chose our names for various reasons. Some reasons are:
  1. How we look (e.g. Princess)
  2. Where we were born (e.g. London)
  3. When we were born (e.g. Summer); and, more recently,
  4. An amalgamation of our parents’ names (e.g. Patricia - a combination of Patrick and Tricia).
However the Bible shows us that names were also given as a way to acknowledge a new way of thinking or a new destiny. iIn Gen 41:45 Joseph’s name was changed to Zaphnath-paaneah. In Gen 32:28 Jacob’s name was changed to Israel. Even Saul was changed to Paul.

A new name represents a new beginning. There is power in a name. A name represents where you came from, your heritage.  If you have an opportunity to name someone, i encourage you to give a name that represents a new beginning. The greatest name we have as God’s followers is the name Christian. Let’s live up to our name, let’s show the world that there is power in the name. There is power in the name of Jesus.

Choose Hope (by Cheryl Grogan)

Every October, people all over the world show their support for persons affected by breast cancer.

Do You Believe in Miracles? (by Lee Ann Brancker)

Miracles can be seen as: - Marvelous manifestations of the power of God. - Incredible interventions of a divine nature in human affairs. - Extraordinary events occurring when God steps in. - Supernatural signs that can only have come from God. God’s Word is filled with such events that have been recorded for our benefit to encourage us in our Christian walk

Victory in Jesus (by Cheryl Grogan)

On Tuesday, May 17th the world focused on Hypertension or High Blood Pressure as it is known.

World Asthma Day (by Cheryl Grogan)

World Asthma Day will be celebrated on May 3, 2022 with the aim of increasing awareness on how to control this respiratory problem and other allergic diseases.

Clear The Stage(By Jamal Yearwood)

Clear the stage! Remove the distractions. Think about it, just what is the point of having a mic in your hand if you only exalt yourself? Must your words not to reflect and proclaim God and His kingdom?

Sing a Song Unto the Lord (by Jamal Yearwood)

I sought the Lord; the great I Am. God Almighty, He reigns - there's nobody like You Lord! The victory belongs to Jesus; I am not alone! Surely goodness and mercy (which is the Lord) covers me, I need You! What a friend we have in Jesus, He will cover us in nothing but the blood (which is His own)!

God's Love Revealed (by Jamal Yearwood)

The nature of God is overwhelming. He sent His daughter "Mercy." She let me know that my sins would be forgiven, all I needed to do was ask. He sent His daughter "Grace" who let me know that though I fall short, through her I can obtain perfection. Along with her sisters, He sent "Joy" that my heart, even though it may know sadness,  would consistently have a reason to praise. 

Revelation by Jamal Yearwood

Many lights on but I'm overcome with and overwhelmed by the shadows of my life. I'm tired of beating my own drums, no rhythm left to uplift my spirit. When will I give You everything God? Is it too late to give all I have? God take me, help me to die to self. I'm tired!!!

Who Lies Within? (by Jamal Yearwood)

Your worst enemy is also your best friend - and both are found in your mirror.