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How to Know You Are Converted (by Christopher Blackwood)

As a Christian have you ever wondered if you are truly converted? For many of us Christians, this is not necessarily a question that we may have taken the time to try to answer. Could it be that you believe you are converted because of one or more of the following occurring in your life?

  1. I gave my heart to Jesus and I am a member of the church.
  2. I am actively involved in the work of the church in terms of participation in planning and execution of programmes.
  3. I am an Elder and the Chief Administrator who has responsibility for feeding the flock.
  4. I read my Bible every day and talk to God in prayer. I also do My Bible Study Lesson Plan each day.
  5. I have family worship each morning.

I am sure you could include other things on the list as indicators that you are converted. When was the last time you looked at the meaning of the word “converted” as outlined in Acts 3:19. In this passage of scripture, the Apostle Paul, made the point that before you can be converted you must repent, and it is a combination of repentance and conversion that will result in your sins being blotted out. So, here Paul makes the point that “to be converted” is very important for us to receive eternal life. So, let us look at what the Larry Pierce’s Outline on Biblical Usage as to say about the word “converted”.

1. to turn to
    - the worship of the true God

2. to cause to return, to bring back
    - to the love and obedience of God
    - to the love for the children
    - to love wisdom and righteousness

So, we see that conversion has to do with turning away from a life of sin and turning towards a life where we serve God and are obedient to all His words. While this may seem to be a simple exercise, I am sure you know the difficulty associated with keeping your eyes and heart on Jesus… and most important I am sure you continue to feel the struggle associated with overcoming sin in the flesh. Could it be that because of these struggles that you believe you are not really converted? And could it be that because of the length of time you have spent in the church and the amount of work you are doing for the Lord, you believe you are converted? Today, as you reflect on these words, if someone should ask you to share some indication to confirm that you are converted, what would you share? Do you really know if you are converted? Think about this for a moment.

Morris Venden in the book, You Friend the Holy Spirit, highlights seven questions which if answered in the affirmative indicates that you are converted. Here are the questions.

Is Jesus the Centre and focus of your life?
Do you have a deep interest in God’s words Word?
Do you have a meaningful prayer life?
Do you have a daily experience in the things of God?
Do you admit your sinful condition?
Do you have inner peace?
Do you have a desire to share with others the new life in Christ that you have found?

Today as you reflect on this message, please ask God to help you to answer this question since being converted is essential in ensuring that you will be sitting at the welcome table when Jesus comes the second time to take His children to Heaven. Please continue to allow the Holy Spirit to take full and complete control of every single area of your life.

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