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Pursuit of Happiness (Jamal Yearwood)

When did I... Where did I... Why did I take my hand from Yours, oh Lord? Take me back to that moment in time so I can place it back where it needs to be, or take me to the point where I'm going to put it back.

At this time I'm lost - I abandoned my safety in pursuit of what I thought would be happiness. But, I found misery, hardships, pain, and all sorts of discomfort, and the happiness I did not!

I need You, Father, like no other time, I have lost my way. Guide me first of all, even if only back to You, for the things of the earth have no worth without You. Show me Your light for only darkness surrounds me. Let my every second above the ground be a reminder of Your grace; every breath I take, a gift of Your mercy.

I stand here on my knees praying that You cover me, protect me even from myself and my sinful nature. Hold my hands; hold them both and guide me, never allow me to remove them again. I pray this in Your Name, Lord Jesus, Amen.