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Clear The Stage(By Jamal Yearwood)

Clear the stage! Remove the distractions. Think about it, just what is the point of having a mic in your hand if you only exalt yourself? Must your words not to reflect and proclaim God and His kingdom? Remove the band, the people who encourage worldly stances, the ones who purport the maxim, "life is just for living". Tell me, what is life worth without God? Take away the speakers, evaluate your thoughts. Are your thoughts promoting God, or are they promoting yourself? 

Remove yourself and sit where the audience sits, see what they see, see who they see, do you like what you see? Do you see God in you? Turn off the lights, maybe they're stopping you from looking to the sky and seeing the true star of the show!! 

No matter what we do or say, it is worthless if God is not in it - if He is not centre. So, where is your heart set? Does God sit on the throne of your heart? If He doesn't, what do you intend to do about it?